eharmony Estimates 70% of Relationships will Begin Online by 2040

eharmony has released ‘The Future of Dating’ report for 2018, in association with Imperial College London.

This year’s report was produced as an interactive timeline, wherein readers can click through pictures that relate to expected developments. They can also provide feedback by taking part in a poll to show their personal opinion on each slide.

It’s believed that mainstream online dating platforms will begin adding video introductions to user profiles during the next year.

This would help singles get a better idea of whether or not they’re compatible by hearing the other person speak and seeing them move. Some startups are already experimenting with this idea.

The UK population is on course to grow to 73 million by 2030 and experts are unsure what effect this will have on the dating industry. It could either make it easier to find love because of the increased number of singles, or amplify the ‘paradox of choice’.

However, it’s estimated that in 2031 over 50% of UK relationships will begin online, and this figure is set to grow to 70% by 2040.

The increased revenue should allow developments in other forms of online dating – such as virtual reality or DNA.

Increased data speeds will aide virtual reality dating and could help singles go on meaningful dates from the comfort of their own home.

It’s hoped that in just over 20 years time people will be able to touch and smell their date and even taste the food they’re “eating”.

In 2040, it could cost $1,000 to sequence DNA from a cell. This will make it possible for more research to be done into how the biology of each human contributes to attraction  – and DNA dating could become more prominent.

Read the full report here.