eHarmony Has Sold Recruitment Platform Elevated Careers

Florida recruitment tech company Candidate.Guru has acquired eHarmony’s short-lived employment platform Elevated Careers.

The terms of the deal were not disclosed, but sees Candidate.Guru acquire the job-matching technology that eHarmony created for the recruitment service.

It was revealed that eHarmony was selling Elevated Careers in May this year, having launched it the previous April after over three years building the product.

The leaked email said eHarmony was looking to sell Elevated Careers to “HR Tech and HR Services companies with strong B-to-B marketing capabilities.”

And Candidate.Guru, a Boca Raton-based company that runs a recruitment platform that utilises artificial intelligence to match job candidates to employers, has now bought the platform for an undisclosed sum.

Chris Daniels, founder and CEO of Candidate.Guru said: “With this acquisition, we are gaining cutting-edge employee/job candidate survey and matching technology, the perfect complement to the artificial intelligence technology Candidate.Guru has already developed to predict a culture fit between job candidates and companies.”

Elevated Careers set out to bring eHarmony’s matchmaking capabilities and the world of jobs together, in order to create “deeper levels of compatibility” between job seekers and employers.

The Elevated Careers algorithm took into account 24 factors around culture, personality and values, focusing on three main areas in order to match job seekers with a company and job.

The first was an employee’s skills and job background, the second an individual’s “core work values” and how they matched with a company’s culture, the last the personality of a job seeker and how they might match with a hiring manager.

Speaking about the acquisition, eHarmony CEO Grant Langston said: “We are extremely happy that Candidate.Guru is going to continue on this important mission that we started more than 3 years ago.

“We have every confidence they will fulfill our vision of helping companies create better and more engaged workplaces.”

Elevated Careers was a project started by eHarmony founder and former CEO Dr. Neil Clark Warren, who stepped down from his role as CEO in July last year.

Candidate.Guru was founded in 2014, and has raised nearly $2m from two rounds led by Orlando-based fund The Fan Fund, while doubling its revenue from 2015 to 2016.

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