eharmony Launches Improved LGBTQ Options

Dating platform eharmony has released new options for LGBTQ users, improving their ability to express themselves fully. The platform worked with advocacy group GLAAD to expand the list of genders available to users when creating their profile.

Mashable reports that the dating platform will also now give users further control over whether their gender is displayed on their profile. It will allow users to state on their profile whether they’re seeking men, women, nonbinary people, or a mix.

The changes come as eharmony saw a 31% increase in LGBTQ users over the last year, following the release of inclusive marketing campaigns. 

“eharmony came to us with a recognition that their product needed updating to better accommodate and serve LGBTQ+ people seeking to connect on their platform,” said director of transgender representation at GLAAD, Alex Schmider.

“We hope eharmony is an example for other companies in demonstrating how doing the work internally helps translate to external success, especially in collaboration with communities,” Schmider continued.

Beyond just the app’s expansion, GLAAD will also be working with eharmony to commit to inclusion across the organisation’s staff and workplace.

“It’s our mission at eharmony to create an opportunity for everyone to find real love. We strive to offer a product experience that best reflects our mission and values as a company today,” said eharmony’s COO Gareth Mandel.

“Love is a universal human need; so are feelings of belonging and inclusion. It’s deeply important to us that all of our members — including our LGBTQ+ members — are able to authentically express themselves and find meaningful connections on our platform”, Mandel added.

Photo courtesy of eharmony.