eHarmony Launches Valentine’s Card Campaign in Australia

eHarmony Spark

eHarmony has launched its Valentine’s Day campaign in Australia, encouraging singles to rediscover the “romantic spark” by sending personalised Valentine’s cards.

The campaign calls on singles to revisit their childhood by sending a Valentine’s card to someone.

All the cards have been designed by children aged 5 to 7, and to send the digital card, singles simply have to give their name, email address, their Valentine’s name and email, as well as a personalised message.

In addition to the online campaign, eHarmony has also brought the cards to a series of cafes in Sydney in partnership with Avant cards.

eHarmony Spark

Speaking about the campaign, Nicole McInnes, managing director of eHarmony Australia, said: “Traditionally, Valentine’s Day was an amnesty for singles to express their feelings and rely on safety in numbers. Yet our research shows the pure intention of the occasion has disappeared and the day has been taken over by couples.

“With our Be My Valentine site, we are enabling the rediscovery of how fun and simplistic the celebration can be for singles, taking it far from the pressures of overpriced flowers or booked out restaurants, and who better to remind us of how fun life can be than the beautiful and funny little people featured in our video.”

The launch comes after eHarmony released a new TV campaign last October about helping singles find that elusive “spark”.

The campaign sought to bring an air of excitement to eHarmony’s matching process, while also distancing themselves from more disposable dating services.

The Valentine’s Day campaign, an extension of this new branding initiative, is the first time eHarmony has integrated PR, digital and social channels, according to McInnes.

The eHarmony MD said: “Alongside our traditional media these relevant and entertaining moments of engagement with our audience will become increasingly important as we seek to enhance their lives.

“It is key to make the marketing that attracts them singles to eHarmony in the first place, as good as a platform built to deliver happiness through deeply matched love.”

Check out the campaign video below and read more here.