eharmony Launches ‘Video Date’ Feature to Help Singles With Lockdown Dating

eharmony has launched a new video feature to help singles continue to date during lockdown.

Video Date enables users to meet a potential partner from the comfort of their own home, while a large portion of the world’s population is currently in lockdown.

The new service will help singles who can’t date face-to-face in the time of COVID-19, with many believing it will soon become the ‘new normal’ in online dating.

The launch should be welcome news as 22% of eharmony users have already confirmed that they are planning a virtual date over the coming weeks.

Another 57% agree that the current landscape will see a virtual dating boom, and 25% predict that video dating will become the ‘new normal’ going forward.

Romain Bertrand, the Vice President International at eharmony, said in a statement: “The coronavirus pandemic is the most significant change to daily life we’ve seen in decades and singles have been hit hard by the disruption.

“We’re delighted to launch Video Date, further demonstrating how tech can be really instrumental in helping people find lasting love.

“Of course, historically speaking, we’ve always encouraged our members to get offline fairly quickly and meet up in real life. But if Video Date proves an empowering tool for helping people get to know each other at a measured pace, it may well play a complementary role in creating serious relationships once the lockdown is over.”

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