eHarmony Saved $3m Working With Delphix’s App Development Acceleration Platform


eHarmony has saved $3m by working with Californian data company Delphix, whose technology helps to accelerate application development.

Delphix’s Data Platform creates a virtual copy of a company’s database, enabling developers and testers to work on and tinker with new environments before launching them.

The software has been used by over 30% of the Fortune 100 to help speed up the release of new applications, features and upgrades – Delphix customers achieving an average ROI of 4x in less than five months.

Dating company eHarmony uses Delphix to boost its application release times, reduce storage costs and free the company from having to create, store and scrub database snapshots.

Navdeep Kumar, Senior Director IT Infrastructure at eHarmony, explained further: “Delphix delivers the environments we need for Dev, Test and QA to enable our Agile and DevOps methods. We improved our data masking capabilities, which minimized our overall risk.

“And, at the same time, the storage savings, which is presently trending toward multiple petabytes, made Delphix a no brainer.”

And according to the Menlo Park-based company, which has raised $119.5m in funding, eHarmony has saved $3m in less than a year from working with Delphix.

The dating brand has also saved 5,000 hours because of the automation of data management processes, and needs 80% less storage space to store virtual database copies.

In 2015, Delphix raised a series D round of $75m, and has previously worked with brands including Facebook, Deutsche Bank, NASA, Walmart and eBay.

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