eHarmony’s Australian Managing Director Talks Important Of Mixing Consumer Knowledge With Digital Expertise


eHarmony’s managing director in Australia Nicole McInnes joined the dating company in May last year from Pandora to oversee all marketing efforts in Australia – one of eHarmony’s most profitable international markets.

In a recent interview with CMO, McInnes speaks about how she approaches this role, and the importance of combining both the motivations behind choose certain marketing strategies on the consumer level, with digital knowhow.

As she says: “To actually become a true marketer, you need to understand so much more than how to simply operate software and optimise based on data. But it’s hard to see it as those digital skills are now so highly valued.

“I fear if you don’t also train marketers to understand why to choose a certain channel or initiative or get them focused on how the consumer actually makes purchase decisions, we will have a generation of digital operators and very few potential marketing leaders.”

Elsewhere, McInnes talks about how eHarmony recently sought to reassess and cement its brand in the face of increased competition.

Read the full interview here.