The GDI Podcast: Elate Tackles Ghosting by Encouraging Accountability and Honesty

Elate is a new startup that is designed for the slow dating trend. Singles are only allowed to talk to three different people at any given time, which prevents low quality conversations from continuing on unnecessarily.

It also markets itself as an ‘anti-ghosting’ platform because in order to start talking to a new match, the users must first end an existing one. The app then automatically sends a notification to the rejected person so they don’t waste their time waiting for a response.

However, Elate is so much more than that. It focuses on promoting accountability, and users give honest, private feedback explaining why they ended a conversation. This can be used to remove bad actors from the community, but also encourages self-reflection about what they want from a relationship.

Founder Sanjay Panchal has worked with technology brands for most of his professional career and still thinks there is more to come from the online dating industry.

He came on The GDI Podcast to tell us all about Elate, how the platform helps people think about their online behaviour and what his plans are for the rest of 2021.

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