EliteSingles Publishes Romantic World Chocolate Day Statistics

EliteSingles has released statistics about the connection between love and chocolate ahead of World Chocolate Day this Saturday.

Their claims include:

  1. The scent of chocolate can make you more likely to buy a romance novel – In 2013, Belgian researchers conducted an experiment where they pumped chocolate smells around around a local bookstore and sales of romance novels rose by 40%.
  2. Chocolate can get you more worked up than passionate kissing – In 2017, researchers discovered that kissing made their hearts beat faster than the resting rate, but chocolate made them beat even faster.
  3. 2018 is the 150th anniversary of the heart-shaped chocolate box – Englishman Richard Cadbury got the idea to design ‘Fancy Boxes’ in 1861, which were chocolate covered in Cupids and roses. He started making heart-shaped versions for Valentine’s Day in 1868.
  4. Americans buy millions of heart-shaped chocolate boxes every Valentine’s Day – In the US alone, around 40 million heart-shaped boxes are sold every Valentine’s Day.
  5. Even Casanova believed that chocolate was an aphrodisiac – Giacomo Casanova apparently referred to humble hot chocolate as ‘The Elixir of Love’ and preferred it to champagne as a tool of flirtation. 
  6. You’d have to eat 11kg of chocolate at a time to feel the aphrodisiac effects – Researchers have estimated that you’d need to eat 11kg (25lbs) in one sitting to feel overcome.
  7. Love can make chocolate (and water) taste sweeter – A set of 2013 studies compared the tastes of a neutral group with groups of participants induced to feel love, jealousy, and happiness. The neutral, jealous, and happy groups ranked the foods similarly – but the love group’s rankings were consistently higher on the sweet scale.
  8. Hershey’s Kisses are named after a kissing sound – but it’s not as romantic as it sounds – They are named Kisses because because the machine that pushes them out makes a ‘kissing’ sound each time the chocolate touches the conveyor belt.
  9. Chocolate can make singles fantasise about love – A 2014 study that looked at the effects of snack foods on the romantic thoughts of single people. Researchers found that singles who ate chocolatey Oreos were more likely to start picturing hypothetical loving relationships than those who ate salty chips.

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