Elon Musk Considers Making Twitter a Dating App

In a recent tweet, Twitter owner Elon Musk said the idea of adding a dating function to the platform was “interesting”. Musk has publicly warned about the dangers of population collapse and low birth rates in the past. 

Musk has on multiple occasions discussed the risks presented by declining birth rates. In August 2022, the Twitter owner gave his view that “population collapse due to low birth rates is a much bigger risk to civilization than global warming”.

In a Twitter thread on the topic, one user suggested to Musk that the platform should add a dating function, saying: “When Twitter dating app? Might actually save humanity from extinction. Not even joking. Very low hanging fruit.”

The user even suggested a name for this new project, sharing that “Twinder would be HUGE”.

Musk in response said, “Interesting idea, maybe jobs too”. 

The prospect of social media platforms entering the dating space is not a new suggestion, and it’s something that dating leaders have long been concerned with. 

In an episode of the GDI Podcast, Geoff Cook, the former Co-CEO of ParshipMeet Group, highlighted that the lines between social media platforms and dating apps are blurring. This would have implications for competition between the two industries, he explained.

In Match Group’s recent report to shareholders, it warned that if popular social media platforms were to enter the dating space, they would have an advantage due to their large existing user base and the wide array of user data they possess.

If ‘Twinder’ does come about, should dating apps be worried?