EME Hive Launches New Live Streaming Feature

EME Hive has launched its new live streaming feature. The platform added the new in Asia and tested its popularity before moving it over to Asian American singles. It is the first Asian American app to move to live streaming and so far it has seen good results.

The COVID-19 pandemic put strain on dating apps to create other forms of virtual communication. EME Hive, an app dedicated to connecting Asian and Asian American singles, took this in its stride.

The original intent of the feature was to reduce issues surrounding catfishing or fake profiles, a rather pressing issue in modern day dating. By using the live streaming feature, users can have the opportunity to talk face to face to ensure their match is who they say they are.

The dating world can be intimidating, meeting strangers is never easy, but EME Hive’s live streaming feature helps to take the edge off and make the transition a lot easier for singles.

“Our livestream communities are quite tight-knit,” the EME Hive team says. “Anytime anyone jumps into a livestream as a new or returning user, our livestreamers and fellow viewers are extremely welcoming.”