Ex-Grindr Employee Sues Company Claiming Fellow Employee Drugged & Raped Him After Xmas Party

A ex-Grindr employee is suing the gay dating platform, claiming that another former employee raped him after the company’s 2016 Christmas party.

According to TMZ, the former employee claims that Daniel Cabanero drugged and raped him at a hotel after the company’s holiday party.

The unnamed plaintiff alleges that he regained consciousness while the former Grindr employee was holding him down and raping him.

He then says he went to a hospital, where he was subjected to an “invasive and humiliating” rape examination.

The plaintiff, listed as John Doe, also said he went to law enforcement and he believes an investigation into the incident is ongoing.

In response, Grindr released a statement to The Advocate outlining the steps they have taken, internally and in cooperation with law enforcement, to deal with the incident.

The company said: “As soon as the company was notified about the alleged incident, we took immediate steps to investigate this matter in a compassionate and respectful way. In addition to conducting our own internal investigation, Grindr fully cooperated with the local authorities.

“Following their review of the facts, the local authorities have not pressed criminal charges to date. We condemn all forms of sexual assault, harassment, and harmful behavior. We remain committed to cooperating with law enforcement and the legal process.”

Doe has filed a lawsuit against the gay dating app and the investigation is still ongoing.

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