Exclusive Dating App ‘LUSSO’ Launches With $1,000 Monthly Fee

Niche dating entrepreneur David Minns has released a new luxury platform aimed at “famous and successful” singles.

LUSSO is an exclusive service that markets itself as “the most expensive dating site in the world”, charging users $1,000 per month for a premium membership. There’s only a limited number of VIP spaces available in each country, for example 1,000 per gender in the US and 200 in the UK.

The heightened exclusivity is designed to offer extra privacy and better quality connections, with no swiping on the app and paid memberships required to send messages. All profile pictures appear pixelated to free members as an extra privacy measure.

Users are also offered complete transparency on how their personal data is stored, with the option to download their data with the click of one button. Messages and inactive accounts are automatically deleted after 30 days.

A statement on the website’s homepage explains: “LUSSO has been designed to attract the most outstanding and unrivalled singles on the planet.

“You may be in the media spotlight and known worldwide or you may be a highly successful business person. LUSSO allows the successful and famous to connect outside of their usual circle in an environment that has privacy at the forefront.”

Minns appeared on Global Dating Insights’ Virtual Third Thursday webinar in March, where he revealed his initial plans for LUSSO and explained more about how he runs his portfolio of niche platforms.

Some of his most recent launches include ‘Bald Dating’ to fight the “hatfishing” trend, and ‘20’ for relationships with extreme age gaps.

Visit the LUSSO website here.