ExoClick Releases Version 2 Of Platform API


ExoClick today released v2 of its platform API.

The API now allows automation of all features available on ExoClick’s admin panel.

Now, ExoClick users can create, delete, modify, start and pause campaigns as well as individual variations within campaigns.

It also enables you to both automate and manage multiple campaigns.

In addition to this, advertisers can automate features such as ad type, daily budget, marketing tags, payment types, pricing models and regions.

The API also enables advertisers and publishers to pull statistics from adblock users, and automate the creation and management of goals.

Benjamin Fonzé, CEO and founder of ExoClick said: “Our API has now been taken to the next level and opens up enormous creative possibilities of automation for both advertisers and publishers.

“Applications could be from the simple automation of time consuming or repetitive actions, setting thresholds to automatically change underperforming campaign creatives, to creating their own bespoke admin panel in order to tap into the monetisation opportunities that ExoClick’s global network offers.

“By harnessing technology with the recent launch of our ad exchange and now our updated API we have provided the tools for both advertisers and publishers to really push their businesses to the next level.”

For more information on the API click here.