Exploring the ‘Chaotic Singles Party’

Cassidy Davis described her love life as a “dumpster fire”, and it led her to create the Chaotic Singles Party as a way to meet Mr Right. What started as an innovative dating idea, has now turned into a business.

After a series of dates gone wrong, Cassidy Davis organised a party with a few single female friends. She created the rules where you had to invite dating app matches, and bring a bottle of alcohol to share.

Ultimately around 65 men turned up to this party. She set up a ‘confessional’ in the bathroom, where guests can record themselves sharing their thoughts and discuss who they’re eyeing up. Clips from the confessional and party went viral on TikTok not long after.

Cassidy met her now-boyfriend at this chaotic event, and was subsequently inspired to keep it going. Her brand, Chaotic Singles Parties, now organise events where they book out bars and other social spaces to host these unique get-togethers.

The three rules for the events are “1. Match with a person off a dating app 2. Invite that person to the Chaotic Singles Party! 3. Let chaos ensue!”. For around $30, singles can bring a +1 and enjoy certain drinks for free all night.

The next event is being held in LA on the 17th of March. 

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