Exploring the Most Common Red & Green Flags

A new survey of 10,000 singles highlighted common red & green flags, exploring the values that singles find particularly off putting or attractive. 

Red Flags

When in a new relationship, talking about exes can be a tricky subject. However 29% of women aged between 22 and 32 believe that when a man badmouthes their ex, it’s a red flag. 

This is because men who call their ex “crazy” for example, are likely to be the reason for their craziness, respondents shared. Generally speaking badly of someone who isn’t around to defend themselves is viewed in a negative light.

38% of daters over 30 said that an overly controlling partner is a red flag. Being in a relationship doesn’t give an individual the right to dictate what someone else does, the report points out. For example, 16% of women say men who tell you how to dress and whom to talk to “are simply delusional.”

Another common red flag is ‘stonewalling’, when someone suddenly stops communicating and ‘puts up a wall’. This is a red flag according to 29% of women between 25 and 30, with 11% saying this behaviour led to a breakup in past relationships.

Green Flags

Among green flags, 21% of men from India’s largest cities say that women who own up to their mistakes, instead of denying them, are a green flag. This maturity is a breath of fresh air, the survey adds.

Gen Z and Millennial women share that men who know how to share their emotions are ‘keepers’. 17% of women who have been dating for over a year say that in past relationships, their partners believe talking a lot is a “womanly” behaviour. 

Finding an accepting partner who doesn’t mock you for your style or interests is another green flag, believe 19% of singles over 30. 8% of singles said they moved on from someone who found it amusing to mock other people’s way of living.

Conducted by Indian dating app QuackQuack, the recent survey prompts singles to reconsider their behaviour. The 10,000 respondents of the survey were between 20 and 35 years old.

“We see almost 35 million chats exchanged per month, and 3 out of 8 matches discuss red flags they absolutely cannot accept within the first week of chatting. We also noticed that kindness is considered the biggest green flag of all”, said Ravi Mittal, CEO and Founder of QuackQuack.

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