Facebook Adds COVID-19 Information to All User Panels

Facebook has introduced information panels at the top of all user news feeds to circulate vital information about the coronavirus outbreak.

The leading social network is stepping up its efforts to spread reliable information and adverts that circulate key messages to do with the developing situation.

Updates from Facebook will include the latest news, information, official instructions, and the communication of critical information. 

The official introduction of additions to the Facebook platform will begin immediately, and include:

  • Informational prompts to relevant search queries.
  • Expanded access to local alerts to help keep local communities updated on information.
  • A new business resource hub.
  • Free advertising credits for organisations working to communicate critical information.
  • Band on adverts seeking gains from COVID-19 fears.
  • COVID-19 data tracking tools.
  • Allocation of $100 million to small businesses, fact-checkers, and local news rooms. 

The changes to the Facebook platform are designed to encourage users to adhere to self-isolation and ‘stay-at-home’ laws, which are being introduced in order to stem the rapid spread of COVID-19.

Many online dating services, including Tinder, Bumble and OkCupid have sent notifications to users advising them to avoid going on dates.

Several platforms like The Inner Circle have also seen an increase in activity over the past few weeks as users opt to stay indoors and pass the time by scrolling through potential matches.

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