Facebook Brings Cross Platform Measurement To Analytics For Apps Tool

Analytics For Apps

Facebook has announced a set of new features for its Analytics For Apps tool.

The tool was launched last year, aiming to give developers better insights about their apps, to help increase their growth and content delivery.

And now, Analytics For Apps will be able to track measurements across various platforms, meaning you will be able to see all of your metrics on one dashboard, as opposed to multiple.

This idea came from recent findings that 53% of people who own two devices switch between them to complete an in-app task, and for those with three or more devices, the figure surges to 77%.

Secondly, the company is bringing in User Properties, a feature that will enable you to integrate online and offline information about your customers.

Facebook explains: “This allows you to filter your reports based on the key segments of information that are important to you.

“For instance, once you integrate your CRM data, you’ll be able to filter customer activity based on the characteristics of people who have a certain status in your system, such as those people who are in your “gold-tier” loyalty program or for people who were acquired via different ad networks.

“This helps you understand the lifetime value of your acquisition strategy.”

And thirdly, Facebook is introducing Sharing Insights, a new feature that “shows you trends and demographics about how content from your website is being shared on Facebook.”

Sharing Insights will also include a “measure of virality” option that lets you see how frequently your content is being shared.

Facebook said: “This allows you to see when your content is becoming popular on Facebook based on all articles published in the last 10 hours and which URLs have been shared the most in the last 5 hours.

“You can use this data to create strategies that make your website content even more popular or create similar content in the future.”

Facebook is also adding a Create Custom Audience option, which lets you create a group of people who have already shared your content on Facebook.

Find out more about Analytics For Apps here.

Emma Woodley

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