Facebook Changes Metrics Around Estimated Ad Reach, Live Streaming Reactions & View Counts

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Facebook has tweaked a number of its metrics around ad reach, live streaming reactions and view counts.

In a new online blog that will detail all Facebook’s important metric changes, the social network laid out a number of “meaningful updates” it has made recently.

Estimated ad reach

First, Facebook is updating how it calculates the numbers that appear in the estimated reach tool when advertisers are planning to launch an ad.

The estimate previously only gave potential overall reach and estimated daily reach of the campaign.

Now, this will give a more accurate estimate for the target audience, as well as giving details on the likely audience across Facebook, Instagram and the Audience Network.

Facebook said advertisers should expect to see less than a 10% change, either increase or decrease, in the audience sizes shown in the tool.


Live streaming reactions

For live videos, where users are able to post live reactions, Facebook previously “misallocated” when users made multiple reactions to videos.

This has now been changed, so that all live reactions are counted in the “Reactions on Post” section, rather than on the “Reactions from Shares of Post” area.

Facebook said this change will increase “Reactions on Post” by 500% on average, and decrease them by 25% on average for “Reactions from Shares of Post”.


Mobile view counts

The final change is that Facebook is fixing a discrepancy between the Like and Share counts seen on the Facebook mobile app when you enter a URL, and its own Graph API.

Facebook said: “We have found that there may be a difference between what these metrics count and what the mobile search query counts.

“We are looking into why inputting the URL as a search query in Facebook’s mobile app might have corresponding numbers that can be higher or lower in certain cases.

“We are working to resolve this issue so that the Like and Share button metrics and our mobile search query metrics match up, and we will notify partners as soon as we have an update.”

Read more about the updates here.