Facebook Competitors File Lawsuit to Remove Zuckerberg as CEO

Facebook’s competitors have filed a lawsuit against the social media network, accusing it of anticompetitive behaviour. The rival group, RevealChatHoldCo LLC, filed the lawsuit in San Francisco on Thursday. 

The lawsuit has been produced in an attempt to remove Mark Zuckerberg as CEO.

It has also asked for Facebook to be forced to sell its outside assets WhatsApp and Instagram, saying they will integrate them into the social network, “consolidating its market power across the globe, likely permanently foreclosing competition in the relevant markets for decades to come”.

The complainants have described Facebook as “one of the largest unlawful monopolies ever seen in the United States” and say the aim of the lawsuit is “to halt the most brazen, [wilfully] anticompetitive scheme in a generation”.

Facebook has responded to the lawsuits, stating: “We operate in a competitive environment where people and advertisers have many choices.

“In the current environment, where plaintiffs’ attorneys see financial opportunities, claims like this aren’t unexpected but they are without merit”.

Reveal Chat is anonymous chat app that randomly connects users from all around the world. It was acquired by music streaming service Napster (previously known as Rhapsody) in 2015 to create a product that sets up people with similar music tastes.

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