Facebook Dating Launches in Canada and Thailand

Following its initial testing launch in Colombia in September, Facebook has announced that its dating platform is being rolled out in two new countries.

Singles in Canada and Thailand will now be able to use Facebook Dating to try and find a partner.

Facebook also revealed a few new features to try and enhance the dating experience.

Firstly, users will be able to pause the service to stop them from making new matches for a set period of time. This can be utilised if they have met someone and want to try dating them seriously, or if they feel overwhelmed and need to take a break.

However, Facebook did say that members will still be able to message people they have already matched with whilst on pause mode.

Bumble recently released a similar ‘Snooze’ update, which sent an out-of-hours style message to matches if a user was taking a break to travel, focusing on work or simply detoxing from swiping.

Another update from Facebook lets users revisit profiles they have already passed on, if they accidentally said no or think they’ve changed their mind.

‘Second Look’ will be available in the settings and will show all suggested matches in reverse chronological order.

It’s now easier to start conversations based on shared information or interests. Users simply tap on the relevant information on their match’s profile and will be taken through to the messaging interface.

Finally, Facebook announced that it’s working on preemptive blocking, allowing people to actively search for profiles they don’t want to match with and blacklist them – such as exes.

Facebook recently added new gender options to the signup process, so users can now identify as two-spirit.

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