Facebook Debuts Face ID Privacy Feature For Messenger

Facebook has introduced a new security feature that will give people the ability to lock their Messenger chats on iPhone and iPad.

When users have ‘App Lock’ activated, they can lock the app immediately after closing it. The messages will only be accessible with an authentication method, like Face ID or Touch ID.

While the feature is currently only available on iOS, The Verge is reporting that it should be rolled out on Android devices in the next few months.

Facebook is working on adding a specific ‘Privacy’ section to the Messenger settings, so users have a single location to control all of their security choices.

The social media giant is also planning additional features, such as giving members more control over who is allowed to message them and blurring photos from non-friends to protect them from viewing harmful content.

The blurred image option is already available on Instagram and WhatsApp. It also bears a similarity to Bumble’s ‘Private Detector’, the AI software that automatically blurs images that it believes to depict exposed genitalia.

Private Detector was also launched on Badoo at the beginning of the month with a video campaign that featured renowned UK rapper Big Narstie.

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