Facebook Adds More Support For Bots With Analytics For Apps & FbStart

Facebook has announced it is increasing its support for businesses and developers who run bots, by integrating Analytics For Apps and FbStart for bots on Messenger.

The social network recently announced that over 34,000 bots have been integrated with the platform so far.

And in light of this, Facebook is introducing analytics for bots with the integration of Analytics For Apps, to give developers better insights into user engagement and the demographics their bots are targeting.

Facebook explains: “Starting today, we’re extending this analytics support to businesses building bots on the Messenger Platform, becoming among the first analytics solutions for bots in the industry to provide actionable insights and transparency.

“With this new free tool, you’ll be able to view reports on messages sent, messages received, and people who block or unblock your app – without having to add additional code.

“In addition, you’ll have access to aggregated and anonymised demographic reports such as age, gender, education, interests, country, language, and much more to help you better understand who’s engaging with your bots.

“For bots associated with multiple Pages, you’ll be able to filter results at the page-level to view analytics for a specific Page.”

The new update also adds the App Events API for bots, enabling businesses to get deeper insights into how users are engaging with the platform by monitoring custom events.

This means developers will be able to see how their customers are engaging with the business, whether it be how often people go from Facebook to their website, or if the use of bots is linked to purchases further down the line.

Facebook’s latest update also lets bot developers to sign up to FbStart –  a new program from Facebook designed to help early stage mobile startups build and grow their apps.

The social network explained more: “Bots for Messenger developers and businesses accepted into FbStart will receive all the program benefits–including Facebook ads credits and free tools and services from premier partners like Amazon, Dropbox, and Stripe. ”

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