Facebook Launches 2020 Topics and Trends Report

Facebook has published its 2020 Topics and Trends Report, a data-driven look into the kinds of content dominating social feeds as the decade draws to a close.

One of the main talking points in recent months has been sustainability. In the US and Germany, users were pushing for the adoption of plant-based diets, while the UK and Sweden focused more on eco-friendly clothing.

Users also turned their attention to new mediums this decade, with podcasts and mobile games emerging as popular channels. In Indonesia, a large number of gamers moved towards mobile to participate in a growing esports community.

The report reads: “While gaming was previously seen as recreation in Indonesia, people are recognizing that online games instill virtues like teamwork and goal-setting.

“And as top players enter international competitions, they’re helping Indonesians acknowledge online role-playing as a viable profession.”

Another trend, particularly prominent in Brazil, was the rise of “a new maker culture”. People are experimenting with crafts and hands-on activities, as well as outdoor pursuits. In Canada, many users were seen taking up gardening.

Relatedly, an upsurge in minimalist thinking saw “beauty lovers” in the Philippines “reducing their skincare routines from 10 steps to three”. Consumers now seek small products with big impacts, such as superfoods. 

A final significant trend was an increasing desire to make everyday moments seem special. A craft coffee craze has gripped the country of Thailand, while professionals in the US are “embracing baths” by “using specialty soaks and chill-out music” to create a spa-like atmosphere.

Last month, Facebook announced the dates for its 2020 F8 event. The developer conference will take place across 5-6 May at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose.

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