Facebook Makes Set Of Changes To Ads Manager App

Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook has made some changes to its Ads Manager app on iOS and Android.

The updates see Facebook bring some new tracking and comparison features to the ad manager app.

These include a redesigned Home tab, which now gives you a quick summary and snapshot of your ad performance as soon as you open the app.

This comes alongside a new comparison view, so you can easily compare campaigns and view the metrics side-by-side to see how they differ from each other.

In terms of tracking, Facebook has also updated the app to include weekly summaries, to give you an overview of how all your campaigns performed over the past week – giving insights into your ad account, recent campaigns and your best performing ads.

Facebook Ads Manager

The final update is that the app will now recommend certain actions that will help you improve ad performance.

And helpfully, when you open these recommended actions, say from a push notification, you can immediately implement the changes Facebook has recommended, which could be a tip to add more suggested interests to a campaign.

Facebook is also slowly rolling out a new edit panel and performance charts in Power Editor, which gives you more insights on campaign performance and reporting features that were previously only available in Ads Manager.

Check out Ads Manager on iOS and Android.