Facebook Native Videos Drive 530% More Comments Than YouTube Videos

A new study has revealed that native videos on Facebook receive 530% more comments than YouTube videos.

Posting a video on Facebook encourages five times as many people to comment on average  – even peaking at 806% in May 2017.

The data was collected by social media analytics and competitor benchmarking company Quintly, who analysed 187,000 pages and over 7.5m posts between Jan 2017 – July 2017.

It aims to answer questions such as which video format is used most by brands, and which brings the most interactions.

It found that Facebook was far ahead of YouTube in terms of engagement, Facebook native videos receiving 304% more interactions than YouTube videos.

In terms of shares, Facebook native videos had on average a 477% higher share rate compared to YouTube videos.

This superiority continued with regards to commenting, Facebook videos seeing 530% more comments than YouTube videos.

Quintly said: “Considering what we found, it would be highly recommended to only use videos that you directly uploaded on Facebook as other formats generally receive much lower engagement than Facebook native videos.

“So if you still use the convenient option to simply share your YouTube videos, this might hurt the overall performance of your social media marketing.

“However, please remember that this is not an overall assessment of various video platforms, but only of how these formats perform on Facebook.”

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