Facebook Opens ‘Messenger Rooms’ For Organised Events and Groups

Facebook has announced that Messenger Rooms will also be available within groups and events, providing another engagement option within smaller audience subsets. The social network is currently in the process of rolling out the new feature to all users. 

Both group admins and members will be able to create dedicated group Rooms from the Groups composer, in which they can host video chats of up to 50 people at a time.

According to Social Media Today, a Facebook statement explained: “To help admins keep their communities safe, admins will have the ability to delete any video chat room. If a group has post approvals on, Admins will be the only ones who can create a Room, unless the admin changes the setting. For groups that don’t have post approvals on, the default will be that anyone in the group can create a Room.”

Those extra controls are important, as it will give group admins capacity to manage the interactions within their groups, as opposed to it being a free for all in the video chat. 

Messenger Rooms for Groups could also help users find new friends at it allows them to invite people they aren’t connected with and even people who don’t have Facebook.

In addition to this, Facebook’s also adding Messenger Rooms to events, with users now able to mark their event listings as an ‘Online Event’.

The statement continued: “To help people engage more deeply when they attend an Online Event, we’re also integrating our new Rooms feature. This allows people to invite friends, family, classmates and colleagues to hang out with anyone from anywhere through easy to share and join video chat links.”

Rooms will only be available for Private Online Events, but again, it adds another engagement option, and a means to facilitate connection among like-minded people, with a dedicated space and time for relevant discussion.

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