Facebook Rolls Out AI-Powered Suggestions Feature M To All US Messenger Users


Facebook has rolled out an AI-powered Messenger assistant feature called M to all US users.

Facebook’s Messenger assistant was first announced in 2015 and was originally pitched as a digital assistant that tackles tasks and finds information for users.

Having learnt from the original version, which was only rolled out to a small number of people on Messenger, Facebook has now launched a re-vamped version of the service to all of its US-based Messenger users.

Announced in a Facebook blog post last week, the suggestions from M feature works very simply.

M will pick up on conversation topics within open chat messages and suggest actions or possible content via pop-up, clickable buttons.

For example, if Facebook users are discussing plans to meet, M might suggest they use the “start plan” feature – M will show a pop-up icon, which users can tap if they want to use Facebook’s plan feature.

So far, suggestions from M offers help in coordinating plans, location-sharing, the ability to start a poll, in-app payment options, sticker suggestions and Lyft or Uber booking capabilities.

Facebook said: “M relies on AI machine learning techniques. It suggests relevant actions to help manage conversations or help get things done.

“We are bringing the power of M’s AI technology to support and enhance the Messenger experience and make it more useful, personal and seamless.”

Global users will also begin to see some changes to the Messenger platform, as Facebook is altering how people compose messages.

Facebook explains: “This update offers an easier way to access and discover Messenger features like our rich visual messaging tools and the ability to quickly share content like video and images directly from the text composer with a long press.

“We’re also adding a “More” tab to more easily access Messenger features such as Games, Payments, Share Location and Rides.”

Find out more about Facebook’s updates here.

Emma Woodley

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