Facebook Updates Tools For Branded Content & Influencer Posts

Facebook is rolling out a set of tools to help with branded content and influencer posts.

The first change is that marketers will now be able to boost an influencer post directly from their page as it appears, without the marketer having to share it first.

The influencer, or “creator”, simply has to give the marketer permission to boost the post when they are creating the branded message, tagging the Page with the branded content tool.

This means that now, the target audience of that boosted post will see it as having originated from the influencer.

Facebook influencer

In addition to this, marketers can also authorise which influencers can tag them in a branded content post, by accessing Page Settings.

Facebook has also released new branded content insights, which offers data like reach, engagement, total spend and CPM.

This gives better explanations about results, the total spend from both the creator and the marketer, and separate summaries of total spend and CMP in multiple currencies.

Facebook influencer

Speaking about the popularity of influencer posts, Facebook said: “47% of people aged 13-34 say they’ve purchased something that an online celebrity has spoken about or recommended—so it’s no surprise that 48% of marketers are planning to increase influencer marketing spend this year.

“Creators, including publishers and influencers, that have built trust and respect with their audience can provide awareness and affinity for a marketer’s products using their own authentic voice.”

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