FateDate: A UK Hybrid Dating Platform

FateDate is a hybrid dating app that facilitates traditional and online dating all on one platform. It works with local venues to provide suitable locations for dates, ensuring both parties are meeting somewhere they are comfortable with.

By helping to organise a venue for a first date, the platform enables users to focus on the date itself. Locations are pre-vetted and safe, with some even offering discounts to FateDate users to ease the burden on their wallets.

Partnered venues all have CCTV, and are aware of the ‘Ask for Angela’ initiative, which is where singles can subtly let staff members know they are feeling unsafe or threatened. This is part of its mission to create safer and more positive dating experiences.

FateDate also includes numerous features to limit awkwardness. After matching and deciding on a location, the platform also lets users decide who will pay the bill or to split it ahead of time. 

After the date, the platform also prompts users to share whether they would like to see each other again, remain connected as friends, or to disconnect. This reduces potential awkwardness and can help address the ‘ghosting’ that can happen after a first date.

Once a single has found a compatible partner, they can shift to FateDate’s sister platform, The Spouse Account. This platform helps couples grow stronger by sharing curated offers, rewards, and experiences.

FateDate was founded in 2018, with the platform undergoing significant development in 2020.

It was founded after a series of violent crimes were reported to have taken place involving dating apps. With the crimes taking place near Leicestershire, UK, it prompted local entrepreneur and founder Liam Gibson to find a way to make online dating safer.

“We are more than just an app; we are a movement that strives to make the search for love safer whilst creating true matches”, Gibson shared.

Looking ahead, FateDate is currently seeking investment to expand across the UK. With investment, a bigger team, and more partnered venues, the platform will be able to truly scale, Gibson added. 

From there, “we can then get our unique business and dating service out there to the masses”.

FateDate is available on the Apple app store, with plans to enter the Android app store next.