Feeld Releases Anonymous Interactive Experience For Quarantined Users

Polyamorous dating app Feeld has released a new project to help people seek human connection during prolonged periods of self-isolation.

For Play’ was created in collaboration with Moniker, a design studio researching the social effects of technology, and aims to let users ‘touch’ in a safe environment.

Described as a “digital foreplay experience”, the game turns players into an anonymous floating orb and puts them in a room with up to three other people. It uses a distorted live feed from the users’ webcams to ensure complete privacy. 

Although there is no way to speak or exchange messages with the others, the game creates a multi-sensory experience with unique movements, designs and audio.

A spokesperson for Feeld said in a statement: “Users of this sensory experience inhabit fluid-like avatars, representing the boundless nature of their individual sexuality. 

“They’re free to roam, explore, and connect with others in real time, sharing a unique moment free from preconception. For Play is all about individuality, experimentation, and play.”

Those who enjoy the experience are encouraged to create deeper connections by downloading the full Feeld app.

Luna Maurer from Moniker added: “[Feeld focuses] on bringing people together and celebrating the human body with all its desires, while at Moniker we are fascinated by the romantic effects that technology can have on our behaviour.”

New data from App Annie has shown that dating app usage has steadily decreased in the past few weeks. However, this can’t definitively be attributed to the coronavirus pandemic as activity annually declines after the Valentine’s period.

Visit the For Play website here.