Filteroff’s Anti-Scam Tools Featured in The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Video speed dating platform Filteroff featured in a recent episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, in a segment on tackling online dating scammers. 

Colbert highlights that a dating platform (Filteroff) found a way to address the issue of scammers by matching them with other scammers and bots. He even reads out a conversation between two of these nefarious accounts talking to each other.

Filteroff manages to do this by first identifying scammers, and then transferring them to a special ‘Dark Dating Pool’, co-founder Brian Weinreich explained in a blog post. In this pool, scammers are matched with each other, or Filteroff-created bots that seem like humans.

The dating platform shared this comedic video where two people act out the conversation between a scammer and a bot. 

Colbert’s segment on online dating also mentions how users are increasingly frustrated, and adopting alternative ways of meeting people like Date Me Google Docs.