Financial Times Covers Facebook Dating in Colombia

The Financial Times has published an article giving readers an insight into how Facebook Dating has been received in Colombia since it debuted in the country just over three months ago.

Journalist Gideon Long argued that the decision to launch in Colombia was a smart one. Its near-50 million population made it big enough to be a decent testing area, but small enough to make sure any failures were not catastrophic.

The dating platform was then made available to Facebook users in Canada and Thailand at the beginning of of November.

A Facebook spokesperson told the Financial Times: “People [in Canada and Thailand] are highly social and tech savvy, with more than 24 million people in Canada and more than 51 million people in Thailand on Facebook every month.”

Erika Ramos, a Facebook Dating user, spoke to the Financial Times about her experiences with the new service.

She explained that she thinks people use it more than Tinder because it is built into the Facebook app, which they casually check every now and then.

Long went on to cover some of Facebook Dating’s unique features – including ‘Second Look’, which allows users to go back and message someone they may have already passed on.

Singles are also able to connect events they are attending with their Dating profile so they can browse potential matches who might also be going.

A Canadian Facebook user recently reviewed Dating for Vice and returned mostly negative results.

Ebony Renee-Baker admitted that using the platform left her feeling exhausted and claimed she found a lot of dead profiles, despite the service having only been available in her country for a couple of weeks.

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