First Speakers Announced For GDI New York City Conference 2022

Global Dating Insights is proud to announce the first two speakers in attendance at the New York City conference 2022 – ActiveFence and S’More.

Both companies will join the list of speakers in attendance for our first international conference in more than two years, as we return to New York City. The conference will be taking place on March 24th 2022 at the Dream Downtown. More information on the event can be found here, and tickets can be purchased here for the early bird price of $349.

S’More is the leading anti-superficial dating platform, where matches have to chat to reveal their photographs, with the idea of building deeper and more honest connections based upon their personalities and compatibility before looks. Similarly in S’More’s video chat feature, the longer a match talk on video, the less blurred the image gets.

A S’More profile is entirely customisable for maximum self-expression, allowing users to add voice, video, music, and social media to a platform.

ActiveFence are specialist in combating malicious content on the web, gathering information from more than ten million sources, analysing more than 130 million signals daily, and protecting more than two billion daily users. ActiveFence detect evil and malicious players on the web before they can cause the damage, detecting and removing it quickly, whilst always remaining compliant.

Global Dating Insights will be continuing to release more speakers for our New York City Conference every Wednesday as we lead up towards the return to physical conferences – our first conference of 2022 and the first international conference for more than two years.