Flure – Men by Invitation Only

Flure is a new dating app that looks to empower women by giving them more control over who they connect with. The platform adopts a male-invitation system to raise user quality and reduce inappropriate behaviour.

The dating app shared that online dating can feel like a daunting place for women, with too many instances of men behaving badly or not being compatible. Flure’s unique features are looking to change that.

Each female user that signs up to the platform has 5 unique invite codes that she can share with high-quality men. 

The platform writes “We believe in giving women the power they deserve, so they can invite only the cream of the crop of men to join our community. If a man wants to join, we suggest he seek an invite from a fierce female he knows, as chances are high she’s already a part of our community.”

“You can share your invites from the search screen or a special section of your profile (sorry not sorry, guys). Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Use those limited invites wisely!”, it continues.

Other trust & safety measures include content moderation algorithms, to ensure users only see what they want to see. All conversations start in ‘Safe Mode’ where users are prevented from seeing explicit photos or messages.

Women will then have the power to turn off Safe Mode when they’re happy to have conversations get spicier. 

Overall the platform looks to create a safe, judgement-free space where users can find whatever they’re looking for, whether it be casual encounters or meaningful relationships.

The platform is currently operating in New York City. Find out more by visiting its website here.

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