Flure Raises Awareness About Bisexual Issues

Open-minded dating app Flure has conducted a study on awareness and perceptions around bisexuality. It found that many individuals are unaware of the proportion of bisexuals in society, and that they do not feel this group has sufficient visibility.

After completing a survey of over a thousand users, Flure found these thought-provoking results:

  1. 86% of participants were not aware that 4% of Americans identify as bisexual, according to a Gallup poll. One respondent shared, “I was shocked to learn that there are far fewer bisexual people in America than I had thought.”
  2. When asked what proportion of Gen Z identify as bisexual, Flure’s survey found that 97% of respondents were unable to state the correct answer of around 15%. One young respondent expressed their astonishment, saying, “I had no idea that 15% of my generation identifies as Bi-Sexual.”
  1. 58% of respondents voiced their belief that there is insufficient visibility and representation of bisexual individuals in media and society. They highlighted the need for greater awareness moving forward, with one respondent saying “It’s about time that the media and society start giving bisexual individuals the representation they deserve”.
  1. Respondents identified “Stereotyping and Misconceptions” as the most significant challenge faced by bisexual individuals within society. One respondent said “It’s disheartening to see that stereotypes are still prevalent in society. We need to change that”.

“The results of our recent survey are a wakeup call. They reveal the urgent need for greater awareness and education on bisexuality”, said Kate Kubrick of the Flure App team.

“At Flure, we are committed to fostering a more inclusive and understanding society. We plan to utilize this invaluable data to inform our efforts in providing a platform that not only connects like-minded individuals but also serves as a catalyst for change and awareness”, Kubrick continued.

The Flure App is an open-minded dating platform, looking to empower female users to date with more confidence. GDI’s Senior Reporter Sean Nolan sat down with the Flure team to discuss the platform’s culture and innovative features, click here to listen.

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