Launches New Online Magazine

Website has just launched a new online magazine.

The website currently has thousands of fans, and covers every topic related to food and dating. Members can come together on the site and share their love for the two.

They are able to share their stories about dating moments, as well as get tips on dating and how they can make the most of their dates.

Content on the website includes interviews, recipes and strategies to “woo” your next date.

The Online Magazine for Food & Dating was launched by Parker Ituk, who is now President and Publishing Director.

The magazine is owned and operated by BYX Media, and has the dual aim of promoting healthy diets and fostering / encouraging long-lasting relationships. said: “We know how stressful it can be to manage your emotions while encountering your favourite human being and that is the exact reason why we decided to dedicate an entire section of our website to you. We will give you various insights on foodie blogs, the best foodie blogs of course!”

Parker Ituk, Head of Product said: “We are profile—the premier lifestyle, online food and dating magazine, and we aim to maintain that profile. In every issue of our magazine, we strive to showcase the most innovative and inspirational features and tips on food, health, and dating, travel, fun, family, and more.”

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