Fox Hunters Club to Launch This Week

New dating app Fox Hunters Club will be launching on April 24th 2024 in the New York City area. The platform’s target demographic is millennial women who are seeking committed non-transactional relationships with older men.

Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, the new platform looks to be an alternative to sugar baby dating apps. It instead fosters non-transactional relationships for millennial women who are looking to find love with Gen X or baby boomer men.

“I’m excited to finally introduce Fox Hunters Club to the world,” said celebrity journalist and Fox Hunters Club founder Brownie Marie (pictured above).

“This is the dating app that I could not find on the market, and I’m proud to fill this gap. I can’t wait for Fox Hunters Club members to find the person and the relationship of their dreams”, she explained.

Brownie Marie sat down with GDI’s Senior Reporter Sean Nolan to discuss the development of Fox Hunters Club and trends in the dating industry, at our recent conference in New York City:

Looking ahead past its launch date this Wednesday, Fox Hunters Club looks to expand geographically in the coming months, with plans to eventually be available across the U.S.

Fox Hunters Club is available now for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and you can check out its website here.

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