GaiGai Celebrates its Third Anniversary

To mark its three year anniversary a few weeks ago, GaiGai hosted a large celebration.

The party was held on 24th February 2018 at 100 Selegie Road, Singapore. There were a series of workshops for GaiGai members, as well as the public.

The night rounded up with an after-party open to various partners and friends of the company.

There were more than 150 guests who turned up to enjoy wine, games and performances from a local live band.

20% of all of the event proceeds was also donated to Association for Persons with Special Needs.

Alex Tam, CEO and co-founder of GaiGai said: “Seeing GaiGai grow from a young team of 3 employees to a key player in the local dating industry today has been highly rewarding. I started out with the vision of forging meaningful connections between singles and enhancing value for each individual through GaiGai.”

He added: “Today, we boast close to 1,000 lasting matches under our belt and I look forward to pushing boundaries in terms of societal stigma on matchmaking as well as strengthening our position as the top dating agency in Asia.”

Recently, GaiGai launched the feature Fleek. It is an image and date coaching agency to try and help people create the best first impression when it comes to meeting new people.

Alex Tam spoke at GDI’s London Conference back in September. Watch here.

Read more about GaiGai on their website.