Gaming YouTubers Invest in FITFCK

FITFCK, which helps connect gym-going singles, is now entering the content-creator sphere as two popular YouTubers have invested in the brand.

YouTubers Sam Harry and Martin Wood, known as ‘Chaotic’ and ‘SXVXN’ respectively, have invested in the fitness dating platform. This comes after Onlyfans founder Tim Stokely, invested in FITFCK at a valuation in excess of GBP £3 million earlier this year.

Harry and Wood, who mainly publish gaming content, have a combined 3 million followers and have received over 1 billion views across YouTube. They will now use their experience in content creation to support FITFCK as it enters the online video space.

Founder of FITFCK Jamie Wykes-Hobday told Global Dating Insights why this would be an important next step:

 “I personally feel that YouTube is the best platform for giving your brand a personality. It allows you to clearly get your message across with no time limit and with 2.1 billion monthly active users, it is clearly a platform that you can scale drastically with”.

 “When it comes to YouTube platform growth, Martin and Sam clearly know what they are doing. 3 million subscribers and over 1 billion channel views are serious numbers and I cannot wait to see where we take the FITFCK online presence with them”. 

Sam Harry commented saying “Moving FITFCK towards becoming an omni-channel digital brand is a no brainer in today’s society. I’m elated to be joining Jamie to support the build of a diversified online product suite. Who knows, we could even head towards anintersection of gaming and fitness – the future looks very exciting”. 

Fellow YouTuber turned investor Martin Wood added “I am really excited to play a part so early on in the growth of a branded platform with unlimited social boundaries and possibilities. Having personally found success on social media, I realise the value FITFCK can bring to the table”. 

FITFCK held its largest event to date on the 26th of November, with the first round of tickets selling out within 24 hours of being shared on the brand’s social channels. The brand is now looking ahead to the upcoming launch of its app platform, promising monthly product updates throughout 2023. 

Photo courtesy of FITFCK.