GDI Meets The Co-Founders Of New Date Venue Discovery Platform Kwaan

The increased popularity of online dating, and the concentrated hub of engaged consumers it brings, has made the space attractive for advertisers and those looking to increase awareness about their products.

A new platform that is looking to be a link between online dating and businesses is Kwaan, a lifestyle website that gives date venue recommendations to singles.

Kwaan suggests tailored date venues in London for couples at all stages of a relationship – first date, butterflies, holding hands and star dates.

Aiming to offer a “holistic” review of each one, the website looks at everything from the standard of food and drink to the lighting and ambience, giving top tips about each location.

Co-founded by siblings Rajvi Kothari and Samir Kothari, the site also wants to partner up with the online dating world, integrating its services with current dating platforms.

As Rajvi Kothari explains: “Kwaan is very much a complimentary service and product, we feel, to the online dating industry.

“What online dating apps and services do is they match and connect singles online and what Kwaan does is provides great venues to connect our users offline.

“What we will do with regards to partnering, is we will seek to essentially integrate our services with online dating sites and online dating apps, so that we feature in that online dating journey for our users.

“So when they take online to offline, they are presented with a range of great options.”

Kwaan is currently available on desktop, offering a host of date suggestions for singles across London based on type of date, location and price.

See our video interview with Kwaan below: