Gender and Operating System Findings from Liftoff’s 2018 Engagement Index

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User acquisition specialists Liftoff have released the 2018 edition of the Mobile App Engagement Index, now in association with mobile marketing platform Leanplum.

In this series of articles, GDI covers some of the key findings from the report. Here, we consider findings on how engagement varies by gender and operating system.

Firstly, it was clear from the data that women were more expensive than men to acquire in the overall app economy. When it comes to purchases, for example, women cost over 80% more to convert.

It may be the case that women are “power users”, however. Many women manage their household budgets, for example, and they may be more inclined to make significant purchases as a result.

This is a double-edged sword for marketers, as it presents great opportunities but also suggests competition is likely to be tough for female demographics.

The authors recommend using data-driven methods to drive decision making in marketing, and carefully considering whether female power users or cheap male users are more desirable. In heterosexual dating, of course, both are needed – it may be the case that marketers take different approaches to the different sexes with this in mind.

Engagement by platform trends suggest that iOS users are better value for marketers. They engage more, and at a lower cost, than do Android users.

iOS users are 45% cheaper to acquire for subscriptions vis-a-vis Android users, for example. The install-to-subscribe rate for iOS is double that of Android.

Moreover, iOS users spend far more than Android users per transaction. The report reads: “On average, Android users spend $11.54 per transaction. iPhone users, on the other hand, spend a whopping $32.94.”

Android could soon take 85% of the global market however, and targeting iOS users in areas where Android is dominant may be ineffective.

Find the full report here.