Genie Connections Set To Launch Crowdfunding Campaign on Crowdcube

Genie Connections is set to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube. Genie Connections is designed to pair singles in extremely close proximity to others, using their Bluetooth range to introduce them to real people, in real places, in real time.

Genie’s statement read: Genie Connections was launched with our first round of funding just six months ago and we already have nearly 15k users.  Singles have gravitated towards the app’s array of unique tech features including a never seen before Bluetooth “Tracer” feature – that connects singles with other Genie users that they happen upon in real life situations and find instantly appealing. At the gym, on the tube or even in the supermarket – for Genie users, those magic chemistry missed moments will soon become a thing of the past! 

The Genie Connections app also has a unique split screen swiping module, aimed at promoting a more ‘considerate swiping culture’. The industry already understands that male and female usage on dating apps differ enormously – we know that most men swipe right on 90% of the female profiles.  This plays mostly on probabilities, with most men only acting after a match has been created. Women however mostly swipe left. On average a woman only swipes right 1 in 14 times. 

Additionally, soon to launch is Genie’s new ‘Chemistry Rating’ feature. 

An algorithm that can accurately tell our members who they are most likely to get a genuine and more authentic match with. 

Throughout dating app history, complex algorithms have been designed to match people’s interests, their likes, and dislikes and some even claim to be able to guide singles to their match using AI or psychometric profiling. Many dating app algorithms push profiles towards other profiles based on visuals, those who potentially ‘look like’ the types of profiles a user has previously selected or been matched with. However, despite the best efforts, singles are still on the whole, completely disillusioned with how ineffective dating apps are in terms of matching. 

Realistically, data shows us that subconsciously we assign a 0-10 ranking when we see a person’s profile or even people that we see in real life. This ranking can be made up of several criteria that is put in front of us, obviously looks make up a large part of it, but education, work profile, how you dress, your interests can all play a factor in deciding how attractive we find someone initially.  

Using our own data research on swiping habits, Genie wanted to attempt to solve the problem of a fruitless matching experience for the singles who date on apps.  Our new ‘Chemistry rating’ matching algorithm can ensure that each profile showcased to our customers shows a very high degree of match accuracy, based on a more exact and truthful pattern of behaviour demonstrated by Genie users.  

We wanted to give our fans and users the opportunity to become part of our success – so we decided to crowd fund on Crowdcube. The fundraise will enable Genie to rapidly continue to grow our customer base in London, other UK cities and to launch in the US.