GirlCrew Has Reached 100,000 Users

A friend-making app for women, GirlCrew, has reached 100,000 users.

GirlCrew is aimed at women who are bored of hearing that their friends are ‘too tired’ to do anything, and are bored of being the only single one in the group.

Co-founder, Elva Carri decided to switch her Tinder gender settings back in 2014. Her bio stated that she was a heterosexual woman and she wanted to look for other women to arrange a night out dancing.

More than 100 women matched with Carri.

The GirlCrew team first started off its community as a private group on Facebook, and then members took ownership and started planning socials on their own.

GirlCrew then expanded with local groups starting to open in London (with 10,000 members), Edinburgh, Glasgow, Birmingham and Aberdeen.

It now has groups specially for female founders, bloggers, and a broader careers group for women to start their own business.

Premium members pay a €10 monthly charge. This enables them to access special events and community advertising.

In 2016, Facebook flew the GirlCrew founding team to San Francisco to meet Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg. They also represented the EU at the SXSW Interactive festival in Austin, Texas.

The founders made a decision to not be a part of Facebook as the social media platform caps group event invites once they reach a certain size, so they decided to build their own app and desktop platform. This launched last summer.

Co-founder, Pamela Newenham said it is designed “to do for friendship, what other companies like Tinder have done for dating. It’s event focused because we believe real friendship happens in person – at monthly book clubs, coffee meetups, lunches, walks and nights out.”

GirlCrew has recently raised £650,000 and is now planning on launching in the US and Australia.

Newenham added: “We want to be in all English-speaking countries, and then we’ll expand.”

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