Gleeden Launches Fraud And Scam Data

Gleeden, the extramarital dating app, has released data on how dating app users must be vigilant when it comes to fraudulent activities in the world of online dating. With dating apps becoming a big part of the modern world, the company realises the importance of staying safe online.

Whilst dating apps provide a great way to meet new people, they also give a platform to more sinister activities. User’s matches could have the secret motive of more fraudulent behaviour and much more.

These sorts of activities aren’t just limited to dating apps but cover a vast majority of the internet. These activities include but are not limited to: catfishing, financial scams, fraudulent activities and much more. As a discreet marital dating app, Gleeden has designed some safety features in order to protect its users from such activities.

“Designed for married people, Gleeden is aware of our user’s safety concerns and makes sure they have complete privacy. Our moderation team is active 24/7 and every profile is investigated thoroughly to make sure that the community is made of 100% real members. Moreover, both male and female users can easily report abuses and misbehaviours with their special safety features like The Discrete Icon option, The Panic Button, Shake to Exit and Private Albums that allows users that extra cushion of safety and discretion.” Sybil Shiddell, the country manager for Gleeden, India spoke on the issue.

Women can block unsolicited profiles and put them on a private ‘black list’ as well as the ability to report profiles that pose a risk to the Gleeden community. “These profiles get thoroughly investigated by our moderation team and banned if reputed to violate the standards of the community. It is because of Gleeden’s continuous efforts in safeguarding its member’s privacy, that we have not witnessed a single catfishing incident so far and almost 58% of married women think that Gleeden is much safer than other dating apps.” adds Sybill.

Despite the fact these safety measures are in place, only the user can prevent scammers from affecting them. They can do this by identifying red flags as soon as they can and unmatching or reporting the profile. These red flags may include: not sharing their personal life, trying to move the conversation onto a different platform, asking to get intimate too early, asking for monetary transactions, sharing links for NGOs, etc.

Whilst apps try their best to assist users in avoiding such a fate, the ability to avoid such scammers lies in the hands of the users. Users should remain diligent and establish boundaries from the beginning.

Luke Smith

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