Gleeden Launches ‘Women’s Attraction’ Survey

In modern dating, a man’s appearance and demeanour is what attracts a woman but there are also other things that catch a woman’s attention. Gleeden has highlighted characteristics that may catch a woman’s attention as well as appearance. 

Considering relationships depend on more than simply physical appearance, qualities like aura, confidence, and humor are important for attracting men. The pupil in the center of the eye enlarges when individuals get aroused. This arousal indicator is appealing to both men and women, “says Sybil Shidell, Country Manager, Gleeden, India. 

10 characteristics that women find appealing are:

  1. Be a Leader – An indication of a man’s maturity levels can be shown by their willingness to take responsibility for their actions. Women are often attracted to men who have strong convictions and follow through on their decisions.
  2. Express Much? – Previously it has been said that man had not yet mastered the ability to be emotionally expressive but modern day society is changing very quickly. People are beginning to acknowledge their emotions and women are most attracted to men that actively speak up.
  3. Humour Match – Having a sense of humour is something that makes a connection enjoyable as it reveals a slightly more laid back aspect of someone’s personality.
  4. Fitness Freak – A man does not necessarily need to be a gym fanatic but women tend to favour men who are concerned with their health and wellbeing.
  5. How Modest Are You? – Outspokenness, charity, and honesty are further feminine appeal traits that are always observed, along with humility. Nothing appeals to a woman more than a man with a great sense of self. 
  6. Bookworm – Men who are slightly more intelligent are favoured by women, those who are passionate about literature and expanding their horizons.
  7. Acknowledging Faults – Transparency is an important obligation and if a man is conscious that he must be accountable frequently, he may truly alter his perspective.
  8. Styling Thyself – A woman’s focus tends to be drawn to a man who knows how to dress themselves and wear it with confidence.
  9. Maturity Counts – Women like older men as they perceive them to be more mature and understanding. A man’s maturity is not always reflected in their age; life experiences can have a lot to do with a man’s level of maturity.
  10. Romantically Young – Arranging dates, giving flowers and treating a woman like royalty are romantic gestures that appeal to women. A man enticing a woman is part of the natural world.