Gleeden Reaches 10 Million Users

Dating app Gleeden, which focuses on extramarital relationships, has reached 10 million users worldwide. 20% of users are based in India, demonstrating how the app has changed cultural norms with regards to monogamy in the country. 

From September 2022 to now, the app saw an 11% increase in users from India. Two thirds of these new users came from the country’s largest cities.

The platform shares that the results of a national survey give some reasons as to why users decide to have extramarital relationships. The most common reason was wanting to feel passion and excitement again, followed by a lack of attention from their partner.

“India is a country that whilst worshipping marriages and monogamy, keeps growing as far as subscribers on the app. 2022 alone brought us + 18% new users, that went from 1.7 millions in December 2021 to the current 2+ millions”, says Sybil Shiddell, Country Manager India for Gleeden.

“That doesn’t mean that marriages are doomed and that people should stop getting married. What is important is to understand that people and relationship dynamics change over time. Even if two people would respect and love each other, the spark in a relationship may die down over the years”, she continues.

“With Gleeden, users get to live that adrenaline rush again and find thehappiness that may have been lost in a long-term relationship. Most of our subscribers treasure these virtual-only experiences and go back to their relationship with a new mindset and a fresh focus.”

Gleeden highlights that its strict privacy policies and safety features contribute to its success, and helps to keep the app’s gender balance at a favourable 60:40 split between men and women.