Gleeden Sees 9lakh+ New Users Since Pandemic

Gleeden, the extra-marital dating app, has released statistics showing an exponential rise in users since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gleeden said: The pre and the post-pandemic worlds have definitely been two drastically different periods. Our world has changed in each and every aspect and married relationships have seen a huge shift too. For the extra-marital dating app – Gleeden, studying these recent trends with their users gives us all a lot of insight into how Indian married couples look at monogamy and/or exclusivity within their relationships.

Since March 2020 which was our first lockdown, Gleeden has seen an increase of +112.5% in its Indian community that went from the pre-pandemic 8 lakh users to over 1.7 lakh in May 2022, gaining over 9 lack new subscribers from India in two years.This includes 60% men and 40% women In the same year, post lockdown, the app also witnessed an 80% increase in overall signups, a 40% increase in daily chats and an 11% increase in female users. While before 2020, the app was getting 60% of users from top metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru etc, the two pandemic years, 2020-2021 saw 70% of users come from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. Right from 2020 to 2022, the app has seen a +82% increase in its overall users and continues to grow even more.

This also looks upon couples and their perspective on monogamy and infidelity. According to an internal survey conducted by the app in January 2022, 55% of Gleeden users ponder, ‘monogamy, a social obligation,’ while the remaining 45% who still believe in it, however, affirm that monogamy is possible only under certain circumstances.

Adding to the interesting turn of events, 2020 and 2021 have seen a more than a 45% increase in subscribers looking for same-sex encounters through Gleeden. Overall, the percentage of married subscribers in the Indian community opting for ‘Homosexual’ as their sexual preference is 5% (v/s 12% of the global community). 

Speaking about their growth in the Indian community, Sybil Shiddell, Country Manager India for Gleeden, shares, “People in India are becoming more open towards their desires and we at Gleeden are always intrigued to get to know them better. During the pandemic, online dating and virtual flirts became a forced substitute for real life encounters, providing people in lockdown a much-sought outlet where to vent. Gleeden was no different: the way the app is built, and its state-of-the-art privacy setting, allowed people forced in 24/7 cohabitation with their partners and families to find some “me-time” to distress through virtual flings and friendships and go through the forced isolation more easily”

“Once the restrictions were lifted, many more people found in Gleeden the best dating app where to make new acquaintances, flirt and release the pandemic stress, with the added possibility of exploring them in real life this time”.

As of today, The Indian community using Gleeden, includes individuals who are 25+ years, educated and working at high-level jobs and count over 17 lakh users, composed of 60% men and 40% women, slowly closing the gap between the two genders.

Luke Smith

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