Google Adds Events Listing Search Option On Mobile

Earlier this week, Google introduced a new events search option for mobile in the US.

Now, whenever someone searches for events on Google on mobile, they will be presented with a list of things like concerts, conferences, exhibitions and sports events, rather than having to trawl through numerous websites.

For example, if the user types “sports events near New York” into Google (on mobile web or the app) the search engine will now launch a list of possible events in a scrollable list.

People can scan through the list, which is derived from event listings on websites such as Eventbrite and Meetup, and can see the event name, time, date and location.

Google is also offering a way for its users to book tickets for events – if the person clicks on an event, they can view more information about it and buy tickets.

People can also narrow down their search by choosing the general date of the event from options like “today”, “tomorrow”, “next weekend” etc.

The new feature could be a useful addition for dating companies looking to promote singles events or things like tech industry meet-ups.

Google said in a blog post: “On the Google app and mobile web in the U.S., doing a search for events brings up a clear summary of activities from sites from across the web like Eventbrite, Meetup and more, that might be just what you’re looking for.

“To try it, type in a quick search like, “jazz concerts in Austin,” or “art events this weekend” on your phone.

“With a single tap, you’ll see at-a-glance details about various options, like the event title, date and time, and location. You can tap “more events” to see additional options.

“Once you find one that’s up your alley, tap it to find more details or buy tickets directly from the website.”

Google has said that developers can learn how to make sure their events are visible within the new listings option by going to its developer guidelines.

Find out more about this update here.