Google Bans Sugar Dating Apps From Play Store

Google has announced significant updates to its ‘Inappropriate Content Policy’ for the Play Store, which will see sugar dating apps banned.

The service already prohibits products that facilitate prostitution, but the updated wording, which comes into effect on 1st September, specifically targets sugar dating as well.

An update from Google explains: “We’re updating the inappropriate content policy to institute new restrictions on sexual content, specifically prohibiting compensated sexual relationships (i.e. sugar dating).”

A spokesperson also told Android Police: “As a platform we are always excited to support our developer partners, but we also work hard to provide a safe experience for users. 

“We have updated our inappropriate content policy to prohibit apps that facilitate sexual acts in exchange for compensation following feedback we received from NGOs, governments, and other user advocacy groups concerned with user safety. This aligns our policies with other Google policies and industry norms.”

While most sugar dating platforms claim to not support prostitution in any way, many regulators see financially-motivated relationships as something of a grey area. This has become even more prevalent after the introduction of the anti-sex trafficking FOSTA-SESTA laws in the US.

Google began its crackdown on sugar dating earlier this year by banning companies from acquiring advertising space and differentiating them from general ‘adult content’.

Apple’s current ‘Objectionable Content’ guidelines ban “overtly sexual or pornagrpahic material”, which does include apps that could support prostitution, but there is no specfic mention of sugar dating.

Sugarbook did not immediately respond to Global Dating Insights’ request for comment.

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Dominic Whitlock

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